Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s a joke I heard my father tell many times through the years:

Teacher says: Please use the words defeat, defense, and detail in one sentence.

Student answers: That’s easy! De feet of de horse went over de fence before de tail.

To all you fathers out there – enjoy the day but keep in mind that you might be the subject of a few blog posts in the future!



Cursive handwriting debate

The following article presents four interesting and varied views about the need for continuing to teach (and/or value) cursive handwriting. The writers are not divided along generational lines as might be expected. After reading the four points of view (they are brief, although the comments accompanying them are many), let me know where you stand.

I am a cursive writer and actually stumble over print when I feel compelled to use it. I do think there is something to the “benefits to the brain” argument, by the engaging of both hemispheres, although I wonder whether the same benefits may result for someone who becomes totally “fluent” in print!

Time will tell. Now, about spelling . . .

Is Cursive Dead?