Book Lovers Do Buy Books

Today, I acknowledge that I have too many books. I came to that conclusion because I’m getting new carpeting next week and have to pack them all up.

First off, I decided to take a lot of books to the library for their book sale. I forgot how difficult that is for me. Usually, I’m one of their best customers. I did fill bag after bag with books and dutifully carted them off to the library, but that didn’t seem to make a very big dent in what I have left. (I do have to admit to pulling some books back out of the container and bringing them home again, but at least I didn’t take anyone else’s.)

Second, when I got around to packing all the books that were left, I forgot about not filling up a big box with books, because then it becomes impossible to move. So I had to figure out how to pack all my books into smaller, more manageable boxes. Of course I am perusing all the books as I do so, so that’s taking me about three times as long as it should.

Still, I know I will fill the shelves once again. Books are worth all the effort.

Back to work!