Today’s Photo

Aren’t these some cute kitties? They are Russian Blue cats, almost two years old. I think I have their names labeled correctly. They look very much alike, except one is heavier than the other.






Today’s Photo-Summer Solstice Eve

A happy summer solstice to you. This year the solstice falls on Wednesday evening, June 20, 2012. The Farmer’s Almanac has some other facts about it.

I took a photo to show how light it still is around here slightly after 9 P.M. on the eve of the solstice.

Summer’s eve.

Awesome recipe-Fruit Salad with Honey-lime Dressing

This recipe is from the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook (note that I have the 1995 version; idk if the same recipe’s in the 2nd edition). I changed up the fruit somewhat and decided not to add the bananas at the end. The dressing itself is yummy. The amounts called for made far more dressing than I needed (even though I used a lot of fruit), so I kept some aside. It lasted in the refrigerator for a couple of days.


Serves 6 (at least)


3/4 c. mild honey or barley syrup

1/3 c. fresh lime juice, preferably from key limes

6 tbsp. crushed pineapple with juice

Pinch of salt


2 c. fresh or frozen peaches, diced

1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice

2 c. seedless grapes

2 c. seeded or seedless watermelon, diced

2 c. diced honeydew melon

2 bananas

1 c. fresh or frozen raspberries


Combine the honey, lime juice, pineapple and salt in blender or food processor; process until mixture is well blended (15 sec.) and set aside.


For fresh peaches, remove pits and cut into 1-inch cubes; sprinkle peach cubes with lemon juice to prevent darkening. Place in a bowl. Pile the grapes on top, then the watermelon and honeydew melon. Spoon 1/2 c. dressing over all, cover, and refrigerate.

Before serving:

Slice bananas and arrange in a circle around the edge of the bowl. Last, pile raspberries in the middle. Dribble with a little more dressing and pass the remaining dressing separately.

My version:

Since I couldn’t find key limes, I just used regular. I crushed some fresh pineapple before putting it into the blender with its juice, but decided to skip the peaches altogether, since the ones in the produce section were hard as rocks and I didn’t want to use frozen. The watermelon I used was a little pale and not as flavorful as I would have liked, but when served with the dressing, it was okay. The honeydew, which was a bit sweeter, and some fresh red raspberries worked great. As mentioned above, I skipped the bananas, since there was enough to go around.

I suggest that the type of honey you use will have an effect on the taste of the dressing. I used Deer Creek Honey Farms clover honey, and could detect an almost smoky flavor underlying the lime and the sweet pineapple juice.

I’m considering using this recipe for a sweet slaw dressing, maybe adding some raisins for contrast. As usual, I will report back if I do.


Today’s Photo

You’ve heard of Walking Stick insects? The other day I was walking past a door jamb and saw what I thought was a twig that might have been deposited there after the previous day’s windy thunderstorm. On closer look, it was what one might call a walking twig, complete with delicate wings, antennae,  body, and legs. I could see it breathing and ran to get my camera. The second photo shows its size relative to a regular brick. Its wingspan was about the size of a dime’s diameter.

I felt lucky to get these photos because when I checked a little later, it was gone . . . with or without the wind. Awesome!