Word Play

Today’s matching test includes some very esoteric words. I therefore issue no challenge to use them in your daily conversation unless you find yourself in some special circumstance and have to either impress or deflect someone with words. In that case, go to it!

haecceity                             a. to speak privately
collogue                               b. not able to be expressed in words
fungible                               c. the property of an object that makes it unique
quiddity                               d. able to be traded
ineffable                              e. the essence of a thing

Here’s the usual link to Dictionary.com, but since you might need further information about a few of the words (as I did), here’s another link that might help out. For yet more information, check out this page.

And, if you give up altogether, go watch a good movie. Check out Films to Consider for some suggestions!

A Lovely Random Act of Kindness

The other day, I was at the post office waiting in line behind an elderly man. He was taping up a medium-sized prepaid box and writing the address on it. He was a chatty guy and told me the package was going to his granddaughter, who was serving in Afghanistan. He spoke with obvious pride about the fact that she wouldn’t listen to anyone telling her not to go into the service.

“She only asks for candy and DVDs,” he said. “This box is full of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.”

When his turn came, he went up to the counter; I went to the clerk next to him. I overheard his clerk tell him that the young man in front of him had already paid for his package. He had already left, without waiting for thanks or acknowledgement.

I had noticed the clerk gesturing when the young man was up at the counter, but didn’t know what it was about. He was not very well dressed; $11.35 was probably a significant amount for him.

Witnessing this made my day, and I promised myself to practice random acts of kindness whenever and wherever I can.

Here are some other forms of green to brighten your winter day.

Nature's greenery

Update on last photo post: European Starling

Update on my last photo post:

A friend helped identify the birds I saw at my feeder. I knew they weren’t the more common grackles because they were smaller, lighter color, and had more white spots. The birds are European starlings, an aggressive and invasive species. (That I can believe!) I have observed very large flocks of birds flying by lately, and I’m thinking they were probably flocks of these starlings.

Here are some links to some info (and better photos) about them.

Some general info about European Starlings

A Columbia University study about invasive species. This has a photo of a flock that looks similar to one that I saw.

Here’s my photo again: