Word Play

Here are some more unusual vocabulary words I’ve come across in my reading lately. Try to work them into your conversation this week:

extirpation                           a. light splash
obeisance                            b. ability to produce a desired outcome
efficacy                               c. total destruction
plash                                   d. gesture or attitude of deference
maledict                              e. to utter a curse against someone

Check your answers on Dictionary.com.


Barbara Kingsolver wins peace award

Writer Barbara Kingsolver has been awarded the first Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award from the Dayton Literary Peace Prize organization. The award was formerly known as the Lifetime Achievement Award, and was renamed to honor the late Mr. Holbrooke, a distinguished diplomat especially remembered for his role in the Dayton Peace Accords in 1995, ending the war in Bosnia.

Read more about the award and the Dayton Literary Peace Prize here.

Barbara Kingsolver is known for her many novels but also writes essays, nonfiction, and poetry.